Our BEST Advice For NZ Lotto

With such bad odds of 3,838,380 to one of winning Lotto and even worse odds
of 38,383,8380 to one of winning Powerball, we highly recommend only taking
 the minimum entry of FOUR lines in any game you play
$2.80 for Lotto or $6.00 for Powerball
That's all you need to play for a chance to win.

Playing the midweek game gives you a better chance of winning the 1st Prize of
$1million by yourself - a lot fewer tickets (lines) are bought for the midweek game.
Seven of the last fifteen midweek (alternate Draws 1785-1840) were NOT won which
means if you had won any of those draws you would have won $1million and not
shared with 2 to 4 other players, which is often the case these days.

Tips For NZ Lotto

For Draw 1815 : 26th December 2018

Include numbers 11 or 17 (or both) with 11 being our 1st choice.

Include 5 or 6 numbers from the following sets of numbers.

5 or 6 of this set

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40


5 or 6 of this set

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30


If they don't happen in the next draw they're probably not too far away from happening.
ie. they are overdue


Lotto NZ Could Be Cheating Us!
When they don't have to pay out unwon 1st Division prizes they can issue multiple instances of some
combinations and NO instances of other combinations with no affect on them but plenty of affect on
everyone who buys Lotto tickets.

 It doesn't matter to Lotto NZ  if there are up to SIX 1st Division winners and it's to their advantage
when there are NO WINNERS because they keep the money.
Unwon 1st Division Lotto prizes are not jackpotted like they used to be!

Imagine if 20% of all possible combinations were not issued for any game. That gives Lotto NZ
an extra
20% edge over players and also means there are more duplicated combinations of
the other lines
meaning your chance of being the sole 1st Division Lotto winner are lessened.
It also gives Lotto NZ more chance of not having to pay out $1million every time
the Lotto 1st Division prize isn't won.

This suspicion would be eliminated if unwon 1st Division prizes were Jackpotted.

What's recommended?
Play Australian Lotto Instead

NZ LOTTO is probably the only gamble where you lose before the balls are even drawn!

Lotto NZ suggest they gave us the changes we wanted for our Lottery games.  Which of the Lotto changes do you like? Is it the non-jackpotting unwon 1st division prizes which Lotto NZ steal from players? Is it the non-increasing 1st division pool when tickets sales are higher than normal meaning your chance of winning alone are lessened and your prize is a long way away from the $1million you were playing with the hope of winning. Is it the lower 2nd to 6th division prizes? Yep pay more for tickets and get lower prize payouts - bet you love that!  Is it the 7th Division Bogus prize perhaps - you do realise they increased the price of lines to give us 7th Division bogus prizes and you'll find that you would have been better off occasionally buying extra lines (your own bogus tickets) and paying the old 10cents less than now price. Yep, they jacked up the price and give worse odds in return. Don't you feel like a sucker!

If Lotto NZ insist on stealing unwon 1st Division Lotto prizes of $1million they should allow players to
'opt out' of playing Lotto by not having to buy Lotto tickets before they can buy Powerball tickets.

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Although we never recommend buying lotto systems we think this software looks
quite interesting. It might not necessarily improve your odds of winning but if you
like picking your own lines you might find this tool useful anyway.
The month trial to check it out is only US$5.00.

It's quite complicated and obviously a LOT of work has gone into making it.
It costs US$80 to register it and considering the work that has gone into it
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